Why You Should Use Wooden Cookware

There is nothing much more nostalgic than picturing a chef or home cook proudly standing in their kitchen, brandishing a wooden spoon. Wood in the kitchen seems rustic, and unfortunately in recent years has been relegated to the walls as ornaments, in favour of new materials like plastic and silicon. This is quite a tragedy, because wooden utensils and wooden chopping boards offer unique benefits to the modern kitchen that simply cannot be replaced with synthetic materials.

Here are some of the reasons you should use wood cooking ware in your kitchen.

  1. Durability—take a look at two cutting boards, one wood and the other plastic. Which one shows the most wear and tear? The plastic one, every time. True, they both show cut marks, but unlike the wooden chopping board, the plastic board looks and feels “hairy,” thanks to all the little bits of plastic that your knives remove each time they make a cut. You won’t see this on a wooden board, nor will you see stains.
  2. Heat resistance—there is a good reason our grandmothers used wooden spoons to cook on the stove: wooden spoons will not get hot. You can use a wooden spoon in boiling water and not worry about burning yourself or having chemicals leach into your food, like you do with plastic spoons. Plus, wooden spoons are a magical remedy to keep pots from boiling over!
  3. Protection for your other cookware—wooden spoons and wooden chopping boards are much more gentle than plastic or metal. Your knives will stay sharper longer with a wooden chopping board, thanks to the little bit of give that the wood will afford. Wooden spoons wont scrape coatings off of pots or bowls and wont scratch any surface
  4. Beauty—when cared for properly, wooden spoons and wooden chopping boards age beautifully. Plus, even when they are new, wood can easily make the transition between preparation and the table. The spoon you used to stir the pasta sauce can become the elegant serving spoon, and your wooden chopping board can move from cutting cheese to being a beautiful cheese appetizer platter in no time.

Despite the many benefits of wood, you may hear that wooden utensils will harbor bacteria. That is simply not true. As long as you wash your wood in hot water, you will be able to safely have a lovely and versatile arsenal of wooden cookware.

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