Cutting Board Wax


Cutting Board Wax

This product creates a durable and easy to clean protective finish on wood and bamboo kitchenware.  Seasoning wood and bamboo kitchenware with CUTTING BOARD WAX prevents the absorption of liquids that can cause stains or water damage. It is ideal for wood and bamboo cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops, knife handles, etc…

Apply a thin layer of CUTTING BOARD WAX to the surface of your wood and bamboo kitchenware using a clean cloth. Polish to a matte sheen and re-season when wood starts to appear dull.


This CUTTING BOARD WAX is formulated using rice bran wax. This abundantly available vegetable (vegan) wax demonstrates exceptional water repelling qualities. Rice bran wax is also amongst the hardest of natural waxes giving wood a remarkably durable protective finish. The pure essential oils of lemon, rosemary and lemongrass were chosen for this product to naturally help eliminate unwanted food odours from food preparation surfaces.

Wood and Bamboo Kitchenware Tips

  • To avoid warping, cracking and or separation of joints never wash wood or bamboo kitchenware in the dishwasher.
  • Never submerge cookware made with wood or bamboo in water.
  • Be sure to store your wood and bamboo kitchenware in a dry place and avoid exposure to moisture for extended periods of time.

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