Cast Iron Seasoning Oil


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Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

This product is designed to help maintain and restore cast iron and carbon steels’ seasoning. It protects your cookware from moisture that leads to rust damage. CAST IRON SEASONING OIL is ideal for all cast iron and carbon steel cookware such as frying pans, grills, grates, griddles, BBQs, woks, paella pans, etc…

Rinse and thoroughly dry cookware. Apply a light coating of CAST IRON SEASONING OIL after each use. This will repair any damage to the seasoning that may have occurred during the cooking or cleaning process. Doing so regularly will prolong the life of your cookware.



Formulated using refined coconut oil. Unlike other seasoning oils (vegetable or animal based), this high quality sustainable plant oil resists rancidity and will not leave a sticky residue. By applying after each use, your pan’s seasoning will improve over time. The pure essential oil of lemongrass was chosen for this product to naturally help eliminate unwanted food odours from the cooking surface.

Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Cookware Tips

  • To prevent scratching of the cooking surface use only wooden or plastic utensils.
  • Never store food in cast iron or carbon steel cookware as acid and moisture from food will cause damage.
  • Rinse cast iron and carbon steel cookware with hot water immediately after each use.
  • Use a nylon or natural bristled brush will help remove cooked on food.
  • Use a nylon or natural bristled brush will help remove cooked on food.
  • Always hand wash your cast iron or carbon steel cookware, do not leave it to soak.
  • Never wash cast iron or carbon steel cookware in the dishwasher.
  • Remember to apply a coating of CAST IRON OIL after each use.
  • Store your cookware in a dry area to avoid rust damage.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    From Theo (Original posting from Amazon)

    Saves me from using my good oil. Works even better. Like that it’s natural too. Cast Iron skillet still like new. Highly recommend

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