How to maintain your kitchen knives

Whether you are cooking all the time, or just occasionally, one essential component is having a decent set of knives. They come in many different styles, most tailored to specific uses, and with a wide choice of handles. No matter what set of knives is used, proper maintenance is key. A dull blade can be more dangerous than a sharp one and one not properly cleaned can become tarnished or contaminated.

How to maintain your kitchen knifes - Caron Doucet

Proper knife cleaning

Blades should be cleaned by hand and never put into a dishwasher if possible, as that can lead to damaging and dulling the blade. They should be cleaned as soon as possible, dried, then stored right away. Using a rack to air dry them can be a safety hazard. How the knives are stored is important as well. Keeping blades out and handy present an element of danger that is not suitable for houses with younger children. Storage blocks are a good way to keep them organized and easily put out of reach. Some even have specialized compartments to increase versatility in organization. Another advantage of using a knife block is that they come in a variety of styles that can help with those wishing to keep a certain decor in the kitchen.

Keeping the blades sharp and cared for

Keeping kitchen knives sharpened and honed are very important aspects to keeping up with your kitchenware. Dull knives are harder to effectively use without increasing the pressure applied to them, which can be dangerous in slick conditions. Knife sharpeners are available in manual or electric versions, both can come with guides to keep the blade steady and even, though a lot of basic manual sharpeners don’t. You can even ask at localĀ  stores that specialize in kitchenware about getting knives re-sharpened for a small fee. Honing a knife helps correct deviations that form along the sides of the blade’s edge. In essence, sharpening helps it to cut and honing keeps the cut smooth. Both are important to properly maintaining kitchen knives.

Using the best cutting board for your knives

Another important aspect in maintaining your knives is to use the proper cutting board. Ideally boards made of bamboo or similar composition can help keep the edge of your blades sharper, longer. Wood and certain composite boards tends to have a bit of give that is easier on the blades. Glass and plastic are more rigid materials that create a harder impact when the blade makes contact and can lead to them dulling more quickly.


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