We are more than just a product development company; we are a people company whose collective passion lies in the formulating, enjoyment and sharing of unique products.  Together we believe in the saying that quality is more important than quantity, we believe in pursuing the finer things life has to offer.


When sourcing raw materials we will never make a compromise when it comes to quality. All of our products are formulated exclusively using 100% natural, non-toxic, plant based & renewable ingredients. High quality sustainable resources are vast, making the need for use of inferior ingredients unnecessary.


Each shipment of raw ingredients that we receive goes through stringent quality control testing to ensure their purity & quality. Any raw materials that do not meet our standards are sent back to their supplier. Once all the materials have been acquired, we produce a small batch of products which we test to verify that the final product meets our standards. Upon satisfaction, we do a full production run always verifying for a consistent and superior product.


Our business philosophy, coupled with the processes we have developed ensure that each product we manufacture is of the highest level of quality. We are proud to stand behind our products and to put our names on them. If you buy a product from us and you are not 100% satisfied with it, we will refund your money. No questions asked!

Meet The Team


Pamela has been involved in product development and sales for most of her professional career. She has been the sole formulator of her natural skin care company for over a decade. With a background in science and a passion for design Pamela is continuously researching and developing a wide variety of natural consumer products that cater to people needs, scents and tastes.


Since a very young age, Stephen has been fascinated with sales, marketing and business development. In his early 20’s, he has gone on to graduate from John Molson School of Business. He has accumulated several years of business experience working in the family business where his primary focus is on creating marketing campaigns spanning various sales channels.


An interior designer and avid reader of design, food and lifestyle blogs, Paula loves all things DIY, design and being in the kitchen. Whether she’s experimenting in the kitchen, working on product design and packaging concepts or preparing for her new born son, Paula is seldom bored. Her experience as a project manager coupled with her passion for design made her a natural fit for Caron & Doucet.