5 Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron

There are bunch of really great reasons to hold on to that old, virtually indestructible cast-iron pan. You can bake in it, sear meat to perfection in it, fry in it…and the list goes on. Cooking in cast iron is relatively simple and can make everyone feel like a world-class chef.

Tips on Cooking with Cast Iron - Caron & Doucet

But before you get started making the dish of a lifetime, take a note of these five quick tips.

1. Keep an eye on the temperature.

Cast iron pans hold heat very well so you typically don’t need to boost the temperature all the way up. Keep your heat reasonable to evenly cook your food — and to avoid setting off any alarms with excess smoke.

2. Know when to crank up the heat.

It’s true that you want to make sure the heat isn’t too high so that you aren’t searing food that isn’t meant to be seared. But there are some foods that do deserve an extra flare of heat. Make sure that you are using the temperatures called for in your recipes.

3. Cooking with acidic foods adds even more iron to your diet.

Cast iron pans add iron to your food already. Up the ante by cooking with foods with high acid contents such as vinegar, lemon juice, and tomatoes to get even more iron from the pans.

4. Use an oven mitt, whether using the oven or the stove-top.

We’ve mentioned that cast iron pans hold heat very well. That means that the pan will burn you because even the handle gets hot.

5. Take the necessary steps from our blog post on how to clean your cast iron skillet to maintain the seasoning.

Cooking with cast iron can make any meal feel like an adventure. There are tons of recipes out there specifically for cast iron pans, so have fun — and get cooking!

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